Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Not the End. Not the Beginning. Something In Between.

Bleeps, for the past year or so I've talked a lot about feeling like I've come to a crossroads.

This blog saved my life.  Well, that might be a tad dramatic.  It saved my sanity.  Healed my heart.  I owe it, and all its readers, a great deal. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

I also owe it more than to sit, neglected and abandoned. It, and again all of you, deserve much better. But it also cannot remain in it's current form. I will always, always be an Infertile (capitalization intended) but I've also moved on to a new phase in my life. I can't go backwards, I can't stay the same... and I can't go forward without change.

So, change it is. Something new... that honors and preserves my history and journey, my laughs and tears. A place where I can keep my story, and my laughs, alive and celebrated... but also not define my path going forward.

Vague enough for you? Well... it's finally done. The new blog:

I hope you'll continue to stick with me, even though it's no longer an official "infertility" blog. I'd like to think a lot of other things that made us friends in the first place will still be found there.

Best part? Busted will be stored here. Look on the left hand side... you can read my past posts, and I plan to continue to add here as new stories come up!

Part of this new blog has also entered a new aspiration... the Busted Plumbing book. I'm hopeful that this new blog will help me to get the visibility needed to share my story (because I didn't talk enough about cervical mucus on here, I guess?). I hope, if you enjoy Busted Kate, you'll continue to read and share with others!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. If you read one post or left one comment over the past several years... thank you. I've loved everything about Busted Plumbing, most of all the amazing people I met and friends I've made.

I look forward to seeing you a lot more over on :-)

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1 Folks Who Are Awesome:

yo-yo-mama said...

I have a two-year old IVF kid (hmmm, not sure I'll call her that again) and am cycling now in hopes for #2. (baby not poop).

I get that life is more than infertility. It's a big part of the pie but not the whole damn thing. I just found you tonight, but I'll see ya on the flip side. Good luck!

swing by if your around town..,